Stories of Ethiopia


A Rainy Day

All the World’s Tragedies

An Unlikely Event


Dena, Igxaviour Ye Misgen

O Conto do Irmã Francisca

Singing for the Lord


Is there any water problem in your country?

Melkam Fasika/ Happy Easter

Oromia Traditional Religion

The Blind Boy

My host sisters son, Chuchu, made a drawing for me of Ethiopia which is now hung up on my wall as one of my favorite works of art of all time. It was very sweet of him to make it for me and I will treasure it

chuchu and I

The painting shows all of the important things in Ethiopia: our house, an Ethiopian flag, an Ethiopian cross, a car, a ball, some trees, and a ‘godjo’ or traditional Ethiopian made house

chuchu drawing

Party at the Catholic Sister’s house with traditional Ethiopian drums


My host sister made ‘shurbas’ or braids on my hair just like hers :)


My host mother showing me how to sow a ‘nutella’ the traditional white wraps we are both wearing

nutella making

Host family picture during PC training (now during PC service I am afraid I have a new host family… pictures of them coming soon!)

habasha family

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