During my undergraduate years, I did a few summer programs called Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). I highly suggest these programs for current undergraduates in the sciences.

My first REU in 2010 was in The University of Idaho where I worked in Christine Berven’s condensed matter physics lab. My research there included hydrogen doping of ZnO and MgZnO nanoparticles. I was lucky enough to receive two publications from that work:

My second REU in 2011 was in The University of Chicago where I worked in Dr. Jaeger’s lab. My research project there was to improve particle ordering of gold nanoparticle thin films suspended on a vibrating water droplet. We would look at the nanoparticle thin film under the strongest microscope made yet: the transmission electron microscope (TEM).

My third REU in 2012 was in Carnegie Mellon University where I worked in Dr. Bockstaller’s lab. There I discovered increasing fracture toughness with increasing polymer length of particle brush nanoparticle SiO2 thin films using Nanoindentation and atomic force microscope (AFM) images. Here is a little bit more details about this work.

My fourth, and last, REU in 2013 was in The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory where I worked in Dr. Brooks’s lab. Unfortunately Dr. Brooks passed away in 2014 but here is an inspirational video which he did which I love. In his lab, I made Field Effect Transistors (FETs) using cocoon silk as the dielectric layer (here is my research poster on the subject if you are interested) . Here is a Maglab magazine article (pages 24-25) about my research and here is a print out of an REU blog that was made for me.

Inspirational scientific video by Dr. James Brooks, my professor in the Magnet Lab who passed away in 2014

To view more about my research here is my Research Gate profile.