Seed Preservation Video

In the Summer of 2015, there was a video contest at the University of South Florida (USF); where I currently go to school. The topic of the video was “reclaim is …”

I decided to make a video on “reclaim is… seed preservation.” To read more about what inspired me to make this video, read the USF reclaim blog and watch the video I made below!

“For life is holy and every moment is precious”

                           – Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Real Cartoon

I just thought this cartoon was worth showing here as it highlights the problem of people many times not taking the full picture into account and just doing what they believe to be needed. We must always remember to take a step back and analyze a problem in its entirety before interfering.



My friend George who went to Dartmouth writes this very interesting blog which I like to keep up with: sixpersimmons.blogspot.com