Personal Projects

So, during my spare time I usually end up working on a variety of personal projects or inventions. I would like to share a few below:

My Justin Grant, from the same Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering class (FSU Spring 2014), and I decided to make a tree house for my little brother and sister at my parents house for Christmas 2014. Since the tree house’s¬†inauguration, family members have visited and left behind their artwork painted on the walls. I think it is a beautiful place to be inside of :)

20150507_194515 20150507_194526 20150507_194430 20150507_194454


I tried to incubate some of our fertilized chicken eggs and came up with the candle incubator. It managed to keep a constant temperature of 100 deg C throughout the night (really good!) but the problem came during the day when temperature fluctuations make keeping the 100 deg C temperature tricky. Nonetheless, a fun project to make!

20150711_222651 20150711_222615 20150711_222619 20150711_222626