I like to think myself a naturalist from my inspiration of reading essays by the famous naturalist Henry David Thoreau. Here are some pictures of a few of my adventures out in the wild. I have recently also been studying botany and learning which native plants are good to eat. If you are interested in this I suggest the website Eat the Weeds.

Also, many of you know that I am a vegetarian. I have been since I was 8 years old and at my family farm in Venezuela my chicken, PinPollo, was eaten for diner. Since many people still do not understand my decision to be a vegetarian I thought I would add this story I read in an old Indian book.

Mountain climbing in the beach rocks of Florianopolis, Brasil
A few alligators I saw in different parts of Florida; mainly Tallahassee and Tampa20140424_164016
20150815_140750 20150815_141611
 A deer family we saw close to the Everglades, Florida20150821_195302
Vultures coming to the Everglades for the night20150821_195328(0)
So I was at a thrift store junk yard kind of place where I found a cat with her litter of kittens. The owners who fed the wild mother cat told me they would call the humane society tomorrow morning to come pick up the kittens who they could not care for. I thought it my personal responsibility to help out in this situation and find homes for the poor kittens. In all, I found homes for 9 kittens. I think we should all be more responsible for the animals around us whom we can help and make it our personal mission to help in the best way we can.20150605_184450~21 20150601_14220320150604_19405520150604_19404520150604_19302320150604_16305020150530_11034820150529_143200 20150529_193341 20150601_131929My friend, Erin, who adopted two of the kittens I found20150605_134642
A delicious edible wild native ground cherry from Honeymoon Island State Park in Tampa, Florida20150718_164108
A wild edible Golden Chanterelle mushroom from Tallahassee, Florida20150802_160405
Harvesting some wild Muscadine Grapes  20150812_082238 20150812_082243(0)
Harvested wild Muscadine Grapes!20150810_105722 20150818_151517
Wine making from all of the wild grapes20150823_144156 20150823_144208
Trip to Lake Okeechobee  (the largest lake in Florida considered a Great Lake)

20150823_171922 20150823_164324 20150823_163011