Living Conditions in Ethiopia

Home, sweet home


Home after I installed bug screens on the doors and windows. The center door and window are mine which I installed the screens first. My host family lives in the door and window to the right and when they saw my screen, they expressed their interest in having one on their door; so I did for them. This has reduced the number of flies that linger on their food while they eat whereby improving they overall health. Hopefully other members of the community can see this benefit and implement in their own homes

house with screens

How I lock my door at night… it makes me think I am living in a castle

door lock

My broom, rainwater storage tanks, and dirt floors. I actually just put plastic on my floors because I had a flea problem… not my fault exactly since on the other side of that door live 2 cows, 3 bulls, 4 roosters, and 1 chicken

broom and dirt floors

My shintbet, or bathroom. I like it… it is private and I enjoy the presence of little ants and bugs to watch while I do my business


The door of my shintbet, or bathroom. I love the reuse of the shoe soles as door hinges :)

shinta bet door

My host families house to the right and in the back their traditional kitchen, or cushina they call it like in Italian

house and kitchen

The front porch of my host families house. Very elegant for these parts with the nice bush fence


This is a wall of the room I was living in with my old host family during PC training. The houses are made of Eucalyptus wood and I thought it was too funny how not straight the walls are due to the wood poles

habasha wall

The fancy cushina, or kitchen, of my first host family house with traditional Ethiopian plates and things

habasha kitchen

Mud wall as is seen on most houses in Ethiopia


The traditional houses in the south of Ethiopia, called a godjo

other hut ethiopia

Traditional godjo house next to a more modern tin roof house (right)

hut ethiopia

My neighborhood


A offices in my town

dscn0437 dscn0433 dscn0431

My neighbors house


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