In August of 2014 I moved to Tampa to attend the University of South Florida. Since I moved here with my dog, we searched for a place with a large outdoor space, and to our surprise, found a family owned 5-acre family farm to live in and help out. My dog, Mickael, is very happy at the farm as he has a farm dog, Ginger, to play with, five horses to herd, and around 20 chickens to mess with. I am also extremely happy at the farm as it has allowed me to do the things I love on a daily basis: be with animals, plant plants, and enjoy being outside. Living at the farm has also taught me so much about real life: how we are able to grow enough food to feed ourselves, how to keep ourselves away from the bugs (so many mosquitoes), how to care for livestock, and many other things I would have never thought about otherwise. Click on the links below to find out more about each!

Our stars at the farm who keep us safe from the coyotes: My dog Mickael (right) and his farm dog friend Ginger (left)