Catholic Missionaries

The Cabrini Sisters, or the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, are, in short, a missionary institution which helps the poor by providing health care and educating children.

They happen to be in my town helping many people. They have been very welcoming to my since I moved to my site, inviting me for meals with them and allowing me to use their facilities for electricity, internet, showers, etc. Many of the sisters have now become my close friends.

They run a hospital and school in they town I live which is provided to the local people at a very reasonable cost. I teach English and science clubs at their school on a weekly basis. The teachers are very supportive of me teaching and the students are excellent as they are eager to learn. Click here to see a link about the¬†children’s school they are running (taught by my friends!).

There is a website in Spanish which explains more about how the Catholic Church Cabrini sisters are helping in my town.

There is also a website in Italian (Sister Cabrini was Italian).

Here is a video in Wolaitatua (the local language… which I am learning) with Spanish subtitles.

Here is a video of a day with the school children who attend the Catholic primary school.

Party at the Sisters house


Coffee Ceremony

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My friend Sister Francisca from Brasil

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My friend Father Abraham


Coffee Ceremony

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My friend sister Suwane from Brasil

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catholic hospital in ethiopia

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