Brasil Microalgae Project

During the last year of my Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree at Florida State University (FSU), I was able to work on a senior design project at the NPDEAS lab of the Federal University of Parana (UFPR) in Curitiba, Brazil thanks to funding from the FIBSE program. Our Brazilian/American group worked half of the year (Fall 2012) in the NPDEAS lab in Brazil and at the CAPS lab at FSU the other half of the year (Spring 2013). The objective of our senior design group was to make FSU’s first outdoor small scale photobioreactor for microalgae cultivation, and respective monitoring sensors: noninvasive microalgae concentration sensor, noninvasive mass flow rate sensor, and dissolved CO2 sensor. Here is our team research poster with more details on this project. At the end of our project, during the FSU senior design award session, our team was awarded the Best Project.

Here is a link to our Senior Design webpage of our microalgae photobioreactor project.

Our Brasilian-American senior design team on the day of our presentaion


Our senior design project objectives which we successfully completed


Florida State University’s first small scale photobioreactor (designed and built by our team)


First steps in the making of the concentration sensor in Brasil (tested on UFPR’s photobioreactor)

SAM_0555 SAM_0549

Photobioreactor in the NPDEAS lab in UFPR in Curitiba, Brasil


The main campus of the Federal University of Parana (UFPR) in Curitiba, Brazil


That giant sign in front of UFPR states that the university in on a strike led by the professors against the Brasilian government