Bamboo Project


I have embarked on a mission to use and promote bamboo as a sustainable material for engineering projects.

To summarize some of the bamboo research I have done so far, here is a bamboo poster I presented at the University of South Florida Spring 2015 Graduate Research Symposium.

I have also started a University of South Florida (USF) Bamboo Team which is concerned with all things bamboo at USF. We are working on a bamboo literature review, soon to be published, which will summarize  how different treatment techniques and chemicals affect the mechanical properties and durability of bamboo.

Our group is also working on the application of a bamboo tubewell. Due to the global increased need of clean drinking water, we think the bamboo tubewell could sustainably provide ground water at a very low cost for people who currently have access to wild bamboo. Although our bamboo tubewell began only as an idea, it has now become a reality at the University of South Florida Geo-park!




More general information regarding bamboo:

To learn about bamboo’s amazing properties, is a video made by the International Network of Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR):

Here is another awesome video someone just shared with me:

Also, some real  time footage of bamboo growing (up to a meter a day!)

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